The subject is designed to provide participants with a sound knowledge of the functions of financial markets and institutions, the relationship between the financial system and the economy and the skills required to manage financial risks in business. Participants will be expected to develop and enhance knowledge and skills in the area of financial management applied to government, non-profit and entrepreneurial organisations.

Course Content

The topics to be covered in this subject include:

*       Introduction to the financial system and its components

*       Financial instruments

*       Financial markets

*       Financial institutions

*       Foreign markets and institutions

*       Financial system

*       Financial mathematics

*       Functions and operations of financial markets

*       Securities markets

*       Money market, bond (debt) market, stock (equity) market, foreign exchange market

*       Derivatives markets: futures, options and swap markets

*       Functions and operations of financial institutions

*       Banks and non-bank financial institutions

*       The Central bank

*       Changes in the financial system (regulation and deregulation)

*       Evolution of the international financial system

*       Managing financial risks

*       Risks in financial markets

*       Risks in financial intermediation — interest rate risk, purchasing power rate, foreign exchange risk

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